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About Me

Joy Owen is a 50-something traveler and teacher.  She currently teaches classes on travel packing, travel planning, and travel to the UK for University of Texas Informal Classes and other organizations.  



Joy Owen has volunteered to speak to our residents about several historical topics in the last year here at our Retirement Community. We have been lucky to have her speak because she always seems to have the right information for that month’s themed event for our residents to enjoy.

Kelly Martinez Kelly Martinez, Director of Resident Programs, Brookdale

Joy’s travel courses have been a great addition to the Informal Classes courses. She is always thinking of new information to present and suggesting new courses or asking if there is room for anything specific that I’d like her to present. Her students love her depth of knowledge and her passion for her subject. I look forward to continuing to work with her and seeing what new ideas she comes up with next!

Bailey Dermanci Marketing Coordinator at Thompson Conference Center, University of Texas Informal Classes

“I found Joy Owen’s class on the UK very informative! I started out knowing very little about the UK and how I wanted to plan my visit. Joy was able to highlight must-see sites, as well as unique, but lesser-known, sites all across the UK. This helped me narrow down places I wanted to see and things I wanted to do on my trip. One area I knew I wanted to visit after Joy’s class was the Lake District. Joy shared such beautiful photos and charming stories of this area, that I just knew I had to experience it. I’m so glad I did! It was also very helpful that Joy could identify specific restaurants, B&Bs, and stores that were worth visiting in various areas. With so many options in the cities, it was nice to have a few places personally recommended by Joy. She has such excitement and knowledge for all things UK, it’s definitely contagious!”


Melissa Steely

Enchanting England

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